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Lego and DAQ

Re: Lego and DAQ

Hi Jolanta,


That sounds like a good idea. Good luck with your xy table build!

Yes please do post back when you have an update.


Kind Regards,

Ben B.

Applications Engineer
National Instruments UK & Ireland

"I've looked into the reset button, the science is impossible!"
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Re: Lego and DAQ

Hello there


I have built assembly which moves my sensor in X-Y direction. I have attached the file which moves the sensor in front-back-left and right direction and acquires the corresponding voltage.


Now I am stuck how to get the 3D scan of an object beong scanned? That is how to get the X,Y and Z co-ordinates of the object being scanned in a dynamic manner.



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Re: Lego and DAQ

Something like this might work. You will probably want to change the Daq call to be a single shot aquisition. Then the final output here would be a 2D array of z coordinates

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Re: Lego and DAQ

I dont get the output. The array on the front panel remains unchanged.

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Re: Lego and DAQ

hello there the array remain unchanged,

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