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Lego NXT with Event Structure

Lego NXT with Event Structure



I am trying to do a remote laboratory with a LEGO NXT being controlled in direct mode by a computer running LABVIEW. The Users (students) can try their algoritm via internet. In case the robot gets stuck doing a task (for example, ""go foward") I was planning to do an event structure that activated with a buttop (Stop Button). The idea is that the user pushes this stop button, the event structure activates, and then the Lego NXT stops on its tracks an the VI stops.


I am having a problem is telling the NXT to stop. The NXT Labview blocks have a line connecting them indicating the program flow. I think the problem would be solved if I could get that instance of the program flow inside the event structure. Is this posible?


Thank you for your time.

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Re: Lego NXT with Event Structure

Just wire the NXT sequence wire from outside the structure to the stop block inside the structure. It should create a tunnel on the structure frame automatically.

Also, the NXT Pink wire isn't strictly required, it is only there for sequencing when convenient.


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