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Lego Mindstorm Labview crashing and corrupting program file

Hello, I wonder if anyone might be able to help me with a problem on my EV3.  I am a programmer for a WRO Football competition and I am building a robot that seeks a Hi-Technic's infrared ball and then uses sensors to autonomously move the ball into an opponent's goal. 


The problem I am running into is that my Mindstorm Lego EV3 software keeps crashing and/or corrupting my code.  It's very frustrating.  I have updated my EV3 software to the latest version and, for what its worth, the firmware on my EV3.  My Dad says the laptop should be able to handle what is being required, it has 16BM of RAM and a 4 core processor with a SSD hard-drive.  The laptop is running Windows 10.


My program has a lot of switches and loops as well as calculating variables. I can tell its start to get corrupted because some of the blocks become blank and the program won't compile.  Then Labview usually hangs and I have to restart it.    I had the same problem when I was programming another robot that was using a lot of sensors and comparing variables.  Is there some configuration to better manage memory or something?  I can provide some code examples if that would help troubleshoot the problem.


Thanks for any help or suggestions.

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FLL, WRO and BEST Robotics Team
Home schooled team of 4 siblings based in Houston, TX
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