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Labview + Mindstorm NXTCAM camera + EV3 brick sensor port - Looking for sample codes

Good morning


I'm looking for some sample Labview code(s) working with NXTCAM sensor producted by Minstorm coupled to an EV3 brick from LEGO. The NXTCAM is connect to a standard sensor port of the EV3 brick. In reference see these links: and


From my undertanding, the sample code given by Minstorm is usefull only if the NXTCAM is coupled directly to the PC using an USB port. Am I right?



Thank very much for any help!



Best Regards!




P.S. Happy New Year 2016 to all of you!

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Hi Bruno,


The NXTCAM does connect to the EV3 directly, but the configuration must be done prior to use. Which code are you referring to that requires the camera to be connected to the PC? The configuration portion does need to be done by directly connecting the camera to the PC, but after that you can plug into the EV3 and run different code using the camera.

Kelli Kravetz
Product Marketing Manager
LabVIEW, LabVIEW NXG, LabWindows/CVI, Measurement Studio
National Instruments
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Hi Kelli.


I succeeded to install the Win7 USB driver on my PC Desktop and I played with the camera (Capture and tracking mode). All working ok. And at the end, I uploaded my color map into the camera before by the removal of the Desktop USB connector. But my question was about to find some LV code example(s) working with this NXTCAM sensor connected to the EV3 sensor port 1 for example. I read also that the USB connector have to be removed from the PC when the NXTCAM is connected to the EV3 sensor port 1...


As you probably know, this new type of sensor is not available thru the Schematic editor of the Robot Project Center offered by NI. To note that this is my regular type of LV project that l'm using when programming with the EV3 and any sensor/actuator. 


In fact I usually use this interface to configure all my sensors connected to the EV3 sensor ports. For example, here are below the sensor list available:


1- Open port

2-EV3 Ultrasonic

3-EV3 Touch

4-EV3 Infrared

5-EV3 Gyro

6-EV3 Color

7- LEGO Ultrasonic

8-LEGO Touch

9-LEGO Temperature

10-LEGO Sound

11-LEGO Light

12-LEGo Color

13-Hitechnic Sensor

14-Hitechnic Sensor MUX

15-HT DC Motor controller

16- HT Servo Controller

17- Matrix controller


I supposed that I will have to find/built a standard LV project + VI (not thru the Robot Project Center) setting all the parameter to connect manually to the EV3 sensor port 1 with the NXTCAM from Mindsensor connected?? Since this one is not already included into the bottom sensor list...


I tried to use provided by Mindsensor NXTCAM without any success until now...


Still thanks for your help.





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