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Looks like I'm having a similar problem. I run a Mac OS X 10.5.7. I've installed LABView as per instructions,as well as the recommended patch. The patch has been mass-compiled into LABView and I'm running it through Rosetta. Still, everytime I click on NXT Terminal, the program crashes.


Why doesn't the NXT Terminal work? How do I make a NXT vi?

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Which version of LV are you using?


If you are not using LV 7.1, you need to mass compile the VIs installed by the core installer, not only the patch. The readme recommends that you mass compile the entire LV directory:


  • To run the toolkit efficiently, you must mass compile the toolkit VIs in the version of LabVIEW in which you install the toolkit. Complete the following steps to mass compile the LabVIEW Toolkit for LEGO® MINDSTORMS® NXT.
    1. Launch the version of LabVIEW in which you installed the toolkit.
    2. Select Tools»Advanced»Mass Compile.
    3. Browse to the labVIEW\vi.lib\addons\NXTToolkit folder and select Current Directory (LabVIEW 8.x) or Curr Dir (LabVIEW 7.1).
    4. Select Mass Compile to begin the mass compile process.

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    Hi! i'm having some trouble with the limitations on case structures. I have a structure that has six string values: "F" "D",Default "R" "L" "B" and "U" according to the reference manual this should work? Right? but when I compile it it gives the "unsupported case structure value" error and i cant figure out what's wrong with it! one thing to note is that i have a second structure that has the same selector values in the same order. might that be the problem?
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    Regarding the bug concerning the Quotient and Remainder:


    I have just downloaded the new version of the LabVIEW toolkit, and i can see you have included a new "NXT Quotient and Remainder" which is based on "Divide", but you didn't fixed the real problem with the native "Quotient and Remainder". The result is, that the "NXT Quotient and Remainder" is more then 4 times slower, then the native.


    I don't think, this is not good enough. Will it be fixed?


    (I also posted a comment on this, here: )




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    LabVIEW 2009 and 2011 user, with LabVIEW toolkit for Lego Mindstorms NXT.
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    I do not know if it is documented, but if I use an array indexer with more than one element, then the program works only in direct mode. When I try to compile and download in remote mode, it fails, and the error message offers no help.

    After erasing parts of the program, I arrived to the conclussion that the problem was indexing more than one element of the array. After using an "index array" block for each element, the problem disappeared and the program downloaded to NXT in remote mode.

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    Is there a newer message board-  where is the very best spot to look as Mac OS 10.7 and NTX compatibility.  Labview crashes upon using the toolkit.


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