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LABView 2015 and Lego Mindstorms module - I have downloaded and installed the module. What do I do next?

I have downloaded and installed the Lego Mindstorms module on LABView 2015.


What do I do next?


Is there any documentation?


FYI, I am new to LABView.

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Hey there. 


If you are new to LabVIEW, I would recommend going through some tutorials first to get familiar with it. It looks like there are some examples of LabVIEW code for Mindstorm on the lego engineering website below:


LabVIEW also comes with detailed and commented examples to help you understand the language. You can find these by going to Help->Find Examples, and browsing or searching for an example related to what you're doing. Some Mindstorm examples may be bundled with the module, so I would search for a Mindstorm example there.


Hope that helps!

Eden K
Applications Engineer
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