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How to detect in your code what sensors/actuators are connected to your EV3

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I 'd like to detect what sensors/actuators are connected to what ports in my EV3 brick. I'd like to do it in labvew if possible, or using the lego mindstorms software. 

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Hi gpesma,


I'm not sure what you mean by detect. What are you looking for to show a sensor was detected? Also, what sensors/actuators are you using? From what I understand the Lego sensors should be relatively plug and play. Links to the sensors you are using would be helpful here.




Aaron F.

National Instruments



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I am using the standard lego sensors (touch,gyro,ultrasonic, color) and the standard motors which are included in the educational edition of lego mindstorms. My goal is to write a program in labview that acts differently depending on what sensors/motors are attached to it. So I want my program to know that for example there is a touch sensor on port1 and two motors in ports A&B if that is the case.

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Hi gpesma,


Are you trying to use this in a program that's target to computer or target to EV3? If you are doing target to EV3, you can use an Invoke Node. Right-click on an invoke node and select class EV3InputPrimitive to access the InputGetTypeMode method. The types and mode numbers are documented on page 100 of the firmware developer kit .

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That sounds about right. What should my inputs be in that case if I want my outputs to be the type and mode. See picture.

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The "layer" input refers to the daisy chain layer. If you don't have multiple EV3s daisy chained together, it's 0. The "no" input is sensor number, "0" for sensor port 1 and so on.


That method will only help with sensors. For the motors, you may need to rely on moving the motors slightly and testing tachometer counts.

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