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Detecting colors and signal duration. Is it possible?

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I found a bug. The number of blocks is not used in the final version.

I first need to solve that

greetings from the Netherlands
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Excellent, looking forward to trying it out tomorrow morning 🙂


Will you take a look at brown case as well? 



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one by one

but you can send me the modified tables or better all sources that you are running.

greetings from the Netherlands
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Yes, sorry

I'll ask my friend who is in possession of all the files... hopefully he's still awake...if not, you can get them tomorrow morning.


I'm pretty sure we use exactly the version that you sent us last.

It's worth mentioning though that we haven't tuned the tables 100% yet as we've been mostly trying with a small blue block to make the whole process work. The other blocks need more tuning... + the retriever hasn't worked yet, so the values there could be anything atm... (retriever is a 2 motor robot, one running a linear path from one end to the other (of sorting componemt) - the other for pushing out bricks with an arm)


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I reorganised the sorter and now in simulation mode it seems to work.

You can push retrieve and will see the sorted array including a count.

You can also test in simulation to see what it does.


I also added a translate color just behind the color detector....

Inside I replaced brown with yellow, very bad but why not.
It may be due to your light environment, not enough yellow due to Tubelamps or LEDs?

greetings from the Netherlands
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Fantastic! Will get to it shortly 🙂 


The space we're in has a high ceiling with warm white tubes, so that may be the problem, yes. 


I'll let you know how it goes in a bit.  Thanks a ton!

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We're nearly there 🙂

You wrote inside retrieve case structure:


"here should be move to correct position and thro out count times e.g. in a for loop inside the retrieve."


I'm not sure how to execute this. As the program stands now, the retriever will try to push out every single brick when choosing a specific one. I understand that I have to make another terminal in the retriever subVI and connect it to the count. I'm not sure how to do the for loop so that I can scan all bricks and only order one at a time...


I will send you a zip if the folder in a minute with almost correct values in the tables



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Here is the zip 🙂  



When reopening the program, i saw that every tablevalue had reset... 😞 I will fix this, but you dont really need them anyway... Did some minor motor adjustments regarding the movemotor subVI, this got saved 🙂 


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Okay I look tonight.

Do you need a pushbutton for each block that has to be moved out?

So something like the wait before going to the retrieve?

greetings from the Netherlands
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Yes, push button for each of the 8 possible bricks would be fanstastic as i dont really need to retrieve more than one at a time.


After sorting a given amount of bricks, system should be able to retrieve just one out of the processed bricks at a time. 


press 2x2 blue:

- motor 1 runs given rotations (from table), motor 2 push out correct brick (this should be equal for all bricks), motor 1 return exactly the same amount in the other direction (back to start). 


This process should be repeatable depending on press of other buttons when first retrieve is done 🙂 


Thanks a lot, Albert 🙂 

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