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Couldn't connect NXT to the Vista PC (USB and BT)

Hi all

The problem: "Find NXT" in LV/NXT Toolkit couldn't find NXT module connected neither through USB nor Bluetooth.
The same is with "NXT window" in MINDSTORMS software! All the software simply didn't recognize the driver.

I am using Fujitsu Lifebook E notebook under Vista Business (Polish localization) with LV 8.5.1.
I have just installed NXT Mindstorm 1.1 software and driver ( from 2007-02-21).
The NXT driver is installed properly (i.e. visible under LEGO Devices in Device Manager).
Firmware on NXT is newest (1.5). I have also latest patches to the system. Already tried "Run as Administrator" option for Mindstorm software.
On my daughter's Lenovo with Windows XP (w/o LV) everything works fine (except incompatible BT) .

Anyone has any idea what to do to connect NXT to LV or Mindstorms?


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