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Bluetooth Connections and Create NXTObject

I'm working on a program that runs on my laptop and goes out and finds an NXT, creates an NXT object, tells it to run a program and then receives data from the NXT.

I'm seeing unreliability in the program execution. Many times, it runs splendidly just as designed.  On some occaisions, the program signals that it has found the NXT, returns the visa string to the Create, but fails to create the NXT object, and the rest of the program fails. I've gone in and probed the Create and its working fine but fails at the fantom, not returning the NXT handle.

I think this is more a problem with the setup of the overall laptop  - nxt connection area rather than the particular program I'm running, as it seems to occur when I have gone off and worked on another vi that uses bluetooth, or when I have connected a new NXT to my laptop.

Is there a good tutorial somewhere that discusses the ins and outs of communicating with the NXT via Bluetooth?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Steve Decker
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