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Any way to run VI's in real-time?

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Good evening, 

First of all, I'm pretty new to both LabVIEW and NXT programming, so I hope this isn't an overly dumb question.


Right now, I'm have this little VI, to help me move a robotic arm along an absolute scale.

When I hit the run button, the knob value is picked up, the rotation sensor is picked up, then this data gets manipulated to determine the direction and amount of degrees to rotate the NXT motor. Then it stops altogether.

There's my problem, I need the VI to be able to update the knob's position as it gets turned, and not just read one value and then get stuck. 


Thanks in Advance, 

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I'm sorry, it was indeed a dumb question.


Ramp mode was set to constant. And this is why the loop never went past the motor moving, setting it to Ramp Down solved the problem.





Feel free to delete this thread, and sorry if it was a waste of anyone's time. 

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