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Access Violation(0xC0000005) at EIP=0x773F2D6C

Hi, I am trying to open the remote control editor on my lab view version 13.02(32 bit) on my Microsoft surface pro 4(64bit). The problem is that whenever I create a new remote control Vi in my robot project, the remote control editor pops up but suddenly freezes when I click on it  and then my LabView crashes. This has happened continuously and I have been trying to find a solution. It then shows me this dialogue box as shown in the picture below. Any and all solutions are really appreciated. Thanks.

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What does the VI actually do? Is this plain LabVIEW or are you using e.g. the robotics module? What is the "remote control editor"?


Can you show us some code?

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So it’s basically a part of LabVIEW 2013 with the Lego MINDSTORMS extension. So when I go to File - new Nxt/Ev3- Robot Project, a box pops up as shown below. I choose ranger and give the project a name. After that the robot project center pops up as shown in the picture below. I then click on the Remote control folder and then when I open the default configuration.rcc file , the remote control editor box pops up, but then when I click on it, the box freezes(it gives the “not responding” message at the top) and then it crashes with the software. I then get the pop up messages which I shared in my previous post. 

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And the remote control editor is being used to add functions to the buttons of the controller to control a Tetrix robot that moves and picks up objects with the help of 180 degree servos.

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OK, I have moved the thread to the NXT forum.


You really need to pick the right forum based on the topic. (You originally posted in the labwindows/cvi forum where it did not belong at all and it got moved to the LabVIEW forum. Hopefully it is now in the right place)

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