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web ui builder import web service problem on local network

Dear group members,

We are pulishing a web server on rpi, and we can read the values on html web page, but we want to design an interface with web ui builder. At this time we need to import web service into the web ui builder by "import web service built" option. Web UI builder could not find the web service on the device!!

My questions;
Should the device connect to the internet?
Could we do this connection without internet connection in local network?
What should I do to import web service into the web ui builder?

thanks with kind regards

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Have you tried the steps under the Importing a Web Service section in the following link:


Getting Started with LabVIEW Web UI Builder, Part 1: Creating and running a VI


The following links may also be useful:


LabVIEW Web UI Builder Overview


LabVIEW Web UI Builder FAQ


Also, is there a particular error that you are getting? If so, screenshots of that would be very helpful.


-Alyssa H.

Applications Engineer

National Instruments

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