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labview 2015 run-time web plugin for internet control of VI by general public



I've developed a VI which I'd like to deploy over the internet as an interactive, controlable GUI interface for the general public.  From what I understand, the current (2015) LabVIEW web-service tool creates a web-friendly user-controlable VI which will run on the end-user's computer only if the end-user has LabVIEW runtime engine installed, which provides a plugin for the web browser.


My interest is to make my VI accessible to the general public, not just to a limited population of computer savy people used to working with LabVIEW.  And because of this goal, it is important to me to make the user interaction as simple as possible.


Here's where my problem and question come:  It seems to me that for the general public, the process of creating an ID profile, downloading LV runtime edition, and installing the entire program just to get a plugin for an internet browser will become daunting and dissuasive for many users.


Is there a simple small plugin which can be downloaded by users to run interactive web-server apps of LabVIEW which does not require such an elaborate acquisition and installation process?


Thank you.

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In order to get a remote front panel to give a web-friendly user controllable GUI in LabVIEW, the Run-Time Engine of that exact version of LabVIEW needs to be installed on that computer. There are no non-trivial ways around this. 


However, if it is something that is being sent out the the public, you could also show direct instructions on what to download and what steps they need to take in order to make the VI function properly to them.




Shamik C

Applications Engineer 

National Instruments 

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Thank you for your response. How precise does the runtime edition need to be? My VI was created using LV 2015 (Win 64-bit). Will people be able to run the interface if they download the 32-bit Windows version? Will people be able to run the interface if they have a Mac and download the Mac version of the LV 2015 runtime edition?

I have additional concerns about accessibility. I'm working with a colleague who is an IT exec and very skilled. But they have never used LV. I walked them through the download and installation of the correct edition (32-bit Win LV2015), but when they visit my VI on the internet, the VI times out. Is this a runtime problem? If not, how can I resolve that?
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For the precision, the main version number needs to be correct. For example, Runtime engine (RTE) 2013 will work for applications built in 2013 but not necessarily 2013SP1.


However, the bitness MUST match the bitness of the web browser of the user. In the same vein, I believe that the Mac version should be able to work as well. 



As for the timeout, I believe that this is coming from runtime or connection. If the plugins were not installed properly, you would not see the front panel but instead see a page that says a plugin is needed to view this content


This leads me to think that the plugin is currently installed on his computer. However, is he using any unsupported browsers? For a list of them, please see the following article.


Why Do I Get a Missing Plugin Error When Loading a Remote Front Panel?

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You just need the same main version of the Runtime Engine:


A VI or application from 2013 would work with the 2013 SP1 Runtime Engine, and vice versa

Zach P.

Staff Software Engineer | LabVIEW R&D | National Instruments
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