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Using variables for monitoring

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I do not know if I'm in the right place and apologize in advance.


I am a student and I have a project that I have been running for a few days. It is my intention to monitor the cRio measurements in the local network. The collector(my colleague) uses cRio-9035 and he will send me a set, a cluster... of real-time variables(I'll get the variables in the folder). These variables...I should work with them and make some graph then  raise the web site to which they will be supervised and monitored.

I do not know where to start, I see there are many protocols and methods but I'm currently lost. Which is the best way to receive this data and help them build a web site for monitoring.


Thanks in advance on any help.



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Hi mdomrab, 


Since your requirements include visualizations on the Web I recommend looking into WebVIs,  SystemLink and SystemLink Cloud .  These services don't use shared variables, but the analogous technology, SystemLink Tags, is more scalable, IT friendly, and secure. Please take a took and let us know if you have any questions. 

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thank you very much, for the beginning I will inform myself and get knowledge of all the products you have specified.

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The professor does not want me to let it work that way. He wants to solve the problem through LabView, he said that this is "to easy" and that he wants to use something that he can later improve and not complete  solution or finished thing. Thank you for finding a solution that I can not use haha.

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Thanks a lot i hope i will manage something.

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Please be aware shared variables cannot be accessed through a web browser (HTTP)

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So i can access them in LabView then send them over .html or .esp and show on web page or that is impossible mission?

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