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Spherical Controls for Controlling Quadcopter

Hi there, 


I just got into Data Dashboard and I do not know if there is anything like what I will suggest out there but is very simple.


In order to fly my quadcopter with labview through Data Dashboard in my tablet, I need to be able to pilot like if I had an RC in my hand. Ofcourse, for safety reasons I will not forget about RC and will have a second pilot in case communication fails or anything but I would like to try this, and the only possible way would be with some "Spherical Controls". I mean spherical just to state that you can manipulate it in 2 axis simultaneously at least. I know it would be more like a "Planar Control" but, RC are pretty much sphercial so thats where I get the name. I tried using XY graphs but I seem to be unable to use them as inputs. Does anyone know how to use indicators as controls?


Thanks in advance.

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That's impossible, controls are inputs and indicators are outputs, you can't use them another way.

But could tackle this by creating a custom control:

You could also implement the AR Drone Toolkit ( ) there are some really cool implemented projects on the internet ( )

With the toolkit you can create a graphical interface, like this:



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Sorry but that doesn't answer my question.


My question is related to "Data Dashboard". The application that you deploy on a tablet/ipad/smarthphone or whatever to see data on realtime (from your tablet) and interact with the Labview VI runninng in the computer, for example. Not how to design a graphical interface in the computer (VI).



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To answer your question; you can't use an indicator as a control. It is not possible in LabVIEW, data dashboard, neither any other software (You could use a control as an indicator, though).

You could design the interface on your computer (using custom controls) and interact with it using data dashboard.


Or just use a couple of scroll bars.

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I simply need a control (IN DASHBOARD) with 2 axis of freedom, similar to a joystic. And 2 bars wont do it because u need to move each one separately and I need to move them at the same time to make the adjustments. Also, I would need 4 bars, 2 for each joystick, so not practical.


And thank you but again, the question has absolutely nothing to do with the design of the interface in the pc (which I already have). I simply need to feed the signals from dashboard and do so in a practical manner.



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I have controlled a quadcopter with Data Dashboard before, but only with limited functionality.  I used a vertical slider to control the elevation and a horizontal slider to move side to side.  I never attempted to move it forward or backward, and I kept it tethered to the ground so it couldn't wander off.  It was really only useful as a demonstration that it could be done.



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