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Showing array on Data dashboard for iOS

What you need to do is change your CurrentGet shared variable into a 2D array. In order to do that you have to create a custom control or typedef (I created one called 2DDouble) and create a variable with that custom control as its type. Then, when putting data into it you need to format the data as 1 column in 4 rows. Each row will be shown as a plot on the chart in Data Dashboard. I used the Reshape Array primitive to do that.


I've attached the modified code in both LV13 and LV11 (saved for previous). I did both beacuse for some reason Save For Previous is causing a weird load conflict issue. It's innocuous but annoying, and I figured if you have 2013 then you could avoid it.

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It worked and thank you.  The difference was the original array was in row 0 and your array was in column 0.  In short, the data needs to be in columns.  

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Yeah, rows are for different plots, and columns are for different data points within a plot.

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I am trying to implement multi plot in dashoard's XY graph by using 1 - D array of cluster(cluster has 2 numerics: X & Y). I am using bundle and the n building it to an array. In front panel, it works as required but in dashboard, it didnt even recognize the shared variable. I have seen, in dashboard their is a muliplot option in XY graph. Could you please help me how to use multiplot.


Thanks & Regards,


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I've attached an updated version that should work.

Your block diagram had an additional level of clusters that wasn't needed.

Here's the fixed version:

Fixed Block Diagram


Both 'Transport' and 'Feeder' were the correct types for a single plot XY Graph in Data Dashboard (1D array of cluster of 2 numerics).

For a multiplot XY Graph, you can use a Build Array directly on those 2 plots. The result should be a 2D array of cluster of 2 numerics.

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Its working now..


Thank you...

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