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Publishing variables in tables without of using LabView NXT

I need to simulate two variables and publish them on a web page for monitoring data, then draw a graph and save them into tables that I will be able to search later. At the moment, I'm interested in simulating variables (I managed to simulate one but not two and really need help working simultaneously). Also, as I said, the goal is to save my data to the table. Of course this all works through the web server and html (.esp). The first image shows the status of my project right now and I can run the page on which the graph works and show  the data but not save the data in the table. Are there any simpler ways of doing this? and how to save these data? do i need php?project.jpgThis is how my project looks like when running. As you can see i have 2 tables and when variable get new value it is created new table. Can this be only one table with many rows for any new variable value?


if you know any solution or solution of a problem or a different way to ease the project, I would be very grateful.

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Hi mdomrab, I think the links below might yield helpful.


Tutorial: Creating and Accessing a LabVIEW Web Service (Real-Time, Windows)


Getting Started Series | Simple JavaScript and HTML with LabVIEW Web Services


LabVIEW Web Services FAQ




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Thank you very much for helping me with links to these examples. I manage to simulate variables to table. now the goal is to save my data to some database like Mysql or something...


Of course this all works through the web server and .html (.esp) and data is refreshed every second.


  Any idea how to save incoming data that refresh every 1 second so i can look at history variables...these data from table on webpage to...don't know...maybe Mysql database or excel?


Regards, Mario

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Mario, Here are a couple links about using SQL and Excel. Using MySQL with LabVIEW Moving Data From LabVIEW Into Excel
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found solutions for some problems there, still lot to go...

some guy using Labview  and connecting with databases in sql.

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