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Microsoft silverlight installing problem

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Hi Everyone, 


                      I wish to use Web UI Builder for my application.To use this I have to install the Microsoft silverlight. I downloaded it and I  installed it. But, in this website , if I am clicking on the "Try it Now" tab, again, it was asking about the "Install the Microsoft Silverlight". When I am checking into my program files, I have seen that Silverlight program has been installed already. So, What is the reason I couldn't enter to Web UI Builder. Could You anyone guide me.......

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Which browser are you using?

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I am using Chrome browser.
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Accepted by topic author azadplc007
08-27-2015 04:09 PM

The easiest way to use Web UI Builder would be to access it with Internet Explorer instead of Chrome.

Recent versions of Chrome disallow NPAPI based plugins (like Silverlight), see here:


There's currently a workaround listed on that page (a way to re-enable Silverlight in Chrome), but eventually that option will go away (in future versions of Chrome), so Internet Explorer is probably the best bet.

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Thank you . I got in Firefox perfectly.


And Can you please syggest me any video links for tutorial. ?

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