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Led color theme

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Is there any way to add or modify the color theme for LED indicators?  It would be nice to have the LED green when on.


I found the 5 or so different choices, but none of them have a green LED when on.

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Accepted by topic author _Bryan
08-27-2015 04:09 PM

Currently we only allow you to choose from specific themes with predefined sets of colors. The idea is that you can pick a theme for controls within a page and have them all look good together without having to manually set individual colors. Obvously in some cases that means the exact look you want is not possible. We may add more granular customization in the future.

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Hi, I have come across this limitation today too.  Generally the themes are very good, but it is a limitation for LED indicators.  Red and Green must be the most common indicator colours for alarms and status indicators.  I have a blue background and so the Blue LED (the only bright option except red) looks poor.  I cant use red as that is used for errors and alarms.  I really need green! (bright green like the LabVIEW default LED)



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