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Data Dashboard Version 2 for Nexus 6?

Hi there,


I am interested if there are any plans to release Data Dashboard 2 for 'Phablet' devices such as the Nexus 6? I can currently only get version 1, but feel that my Nexus 6 could easily handle the upgraded version due to it's large screen and decent specs.


Are there any plans to make Data Dashboard 2 available to devices like this in the near future?

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We designed Data Dashboard 2 for Android for screens at least 7 inches. On smaller screens there is a good chance that important popups (like the palette or the properties popups) will entirely cover the canvas, which makes the app unusable. We are also wary of having controls or indicators that are too small on the screen to be useful. Designing for a smaller screen requires different UX design choices, and we chose not to optimize for that form factor for this release.


We are open to feedback, though. Could you tell us more about what you want to do with Data Dashboard on your phone? Do you specifically want to edit dashboards on the go, or would you prefer to edit a dashboard on a larger screen and then simply run it on a smaller screen? What kind of information are you wanting to see on your phone (which controls, how many, arranged in what way, etc.)?

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For this project in particular, I was mostly interested in being able to 'share dashboards' as our customers wanted an "app"  for monitoring purposes and it does not seem practical to have to take every customers phone and create the dashboards over and over again on each device.





However, while you're asking for feedback, another point I'd like to make is that I'm noticing more and more that customers are asking for mobile monitoring capabilities - and the requests for what we get asked for seem to be getting more and more complex so we are using data dashboard but would like to see more updates and functionality in the data dashboard app as it seems to be something very much in demand.

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Thank you for taking the time to give us that feedback. It really does help us.

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 Beside their  processing, memory and graphical abilities, because of their phone ability, nowadays, I think the most of the customers prefer using phablets rather then using huge tablets. Probably, the most of the android / ipad users will be agree that,  6 inches screen size is optimal to carry and view. So I think, V2 and later releases must support the phablets. V1.0 is a base design and it has very limited capabilites. Even it can't send control data.

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