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Connecting two android devices simultaneously


I am using Data Dashboard version 2.3 in a Android Tablet & Data dashboard version 1.0 in a Android Phone.

After connecting my Tab successfully with all the shared variables , I am unable to connect my phone. The message " No supported variables" is popping up.

Can't a labview application connect parallely to two slave android devices in a LAN network?

Any suggestions ?


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What data types are you using for your shared variables?


Since you already successfully connected using Data Dashboard v2.x, my guess is you might be running into the data type limitations that Data Dashboard v1.0 (phone version has). v1.0 supports strings, booleans, and scalar numeric values (except Int64).

Arrays of numerics (e.g. a graph) are only supported by Data Dashboard v2.x (tablet app), not v1.0.

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Thanks for your  reply.

I am using all kinds of variables.......I32 , doubles , arrays , booleans.

All are being displayed in the Tablet running Data Dashboard 2.3.

I am aware that there are restrictions in the data types in Data Dashboard does not support arrays.

But then it should at least display the supported types i.e I32 , double & boolean.....


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