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Barcode reading from a tablet

To turn a tablet into a more useful data collection tool, is it possible to read a barcode from the tablet? It will require some hardware control, so I would think it is not possbile through the Data Dashboard. I hope I am wrong, but is Data Dashboard more of a display interface only, without much control over the tablet itself?


Thanks for any comment/suggestions. 

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Data Dashboard does not currently have a barcode scanning feature, but it could in theory. We will add that to our list of feature suggestions. Thank you.


In the meantime, if you need barcode scanning then you can either make a new app using standard app development tools or consider getting a third party barcode scanning app and copy/paste the scanned code into Data Dashboard.

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If I use a third party app, I will have to toggle between Data Dashboard and the third party app, correct?


If that's the case, that will be too inconvenient, kind of defeat the purpose of using tablet in the first place. But thank indeed for your reply.

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I don't know if it defeats the purpose of using a tablet. The benefit of the tablet is the form factor, and multi-tasking is well supported in iOS and Android. I agree that it would be nice to never have to switch out of Data Dashboard, but we have to weigh a lot of feature requests, and our app can't do everything for everyone. But we will definitely consider it.

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