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Web Services Publishing Data Series

This series is a sequal to the Web Services Getting Started Series, which introduces the web, web services, LabVIEW web services, HTML and JavaScript, and an introduction to AJAX. If you have questions about those topics, go back and check them out - we'll wait.

Okay - so now you want to publish data on the web from your LabVIEW application? There are a number of tools to help you publish information, some of which don't use LabVIEW web services, but separate tools, such as NI Cloud Dashboard Service or LabSocket. Let's learn how to build a web application that publishes data from LabVIEW ourselves.

1. Publishing Various Data Types

Simple Indicators for Various Data Types

This example shows how to publish and display String, Numeric, and Boolean data types with indicators similar to LabVIEW. This will be extended to a tutorial soon.

2. Publishing Data to an HTML table

[Under Construction - Hopefully we'll have this up soon]

Build on the previous example to update a table with the latest 100 data points from your application.

3. Publishing Data to a Google Chart

[Under Construction - Hopefully we'll have this up soon]

Instead of displaying data in a table, load a Google Chart object and publish your 100 points of data to it.

4. Creating a Historian

[Under Construction - Hopefully we'll have this up soon]

The Google chart was cool, but what if I want to look at historical data? Let's look at a couple ways to do that - with data hosted locally and on the cloud.

Demos 2 - 4 don't yet have tutorials created. In the meantime, check out the demos attached here. They show examples of each of these topics.

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