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Next User Group Meeting on 11th of July

The next User Group meeting will be in Aachen on the 11th of July.
Please let us know if you want to discuss a specific topic!
Furthermore, we are looking for speakers!!!

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you want to present.

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LabVIEW as a platform for rapid implementation of easy-to-use ground segment software solutions for space mission operations.


S. Tholl, B. Dachwald and the students of the FH Aachen Space Operations Facility (FHA//SOF) of the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering at FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences


The operation of satellites is a challenge. A successful mission is highly dependent on its mission operations. While in most cases the optimization of the firmware on the space segment side is very limited, in some cases the optimization of the ground segment software to overcome these known firmware bugs is an option. Therefore, a rapid development approach to reconfigure or redesign the mission control software according to the current situation of the spacecraft in the shortest time is crucial. In this presentation, we show how we use LabVIEW to implement and redesign ground segment software by presenting real-world case studies in which LabVIEW led to successful and easy-to-use solutions for small spacecraft and rover mission operations.

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Where can I find the link to register for this event?

I really liked the first Euregio LabVIEW User Group and don't want to miss the next one.


Best Regards

Stefan Lemmens

Intersoft Electronics

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what do you think about a "question round", about the DQMH vs QMH? At the last meeting i had the feeling, that DQMH didn’t "click" for everyone. My idea is, that we can walk through some differences and the advantages/disadvantages of the DQMH vs the QMH with some questions/discussions in between. Maybe someone has some real life examples?

What do you think?


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Hello Max,


That is a good idea! We can prepare some slide to start a question/discussion round.

You (or someone else of the user group) are welcome to add some input to these slides. 

Please contact us via


Kind regards,


Stefanie Kriescher

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Dear User Group,

Please find hereby the registration link to the upcoming meeting on the 11th of July.


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