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Euregio User Group Quarterly Meeting July 23rd

Dear LabVIEW Euregio User Group, 
The next online user group meeting will take place on July 23rd, 2020 at 5pm CEST - via a free online portal. I will share the room link closer to the date on this forum. We hope to see you there!
Do you have a LabVIEW topic that you think others should know about?  Come and share your knowledge with the Euregio group! If you are interested in presenting and sharing your knowledge with the group at a meeting in the future, please get in touch.
Kind regards,
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We are happy to announce that Sam Taggart from SAS Workshops will be presenting at the next meeting. Gain an insight into Sam Taggart's approach to agile development and learn the 4 key technical skills to make agile work.  For more information on the topic visit


You can join the meeting on July 23rd at 5pm CEST at
Please note that JitSi works best with Firefox or Chome.

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Hi all,


thanks for joining us for our second online meeting, was good to see/hear a few familiar faces/ voices, and some new ones.

Big thanks to Sam Taggart for the presentation so early in the morning from Denver.
As mentioned, I have posted the slides below for those who want to read through them again or pull a few book titles from the recommendations.

Look forward to seeing & hearing you all next time.

Thomas Ferguson

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