LabVIEW Time Sensitive Networking (TSN)

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Welcome to LabVIEW Time Sensitive Networking (TSN)


TSN is a set of features being added to the Ethernet standard. These features will enable measurement and control applications to utilize standard Ethernet while still maintaining the synchronization and deterministic communications needed. The next wave of the standards is just completing and we are releasing products to offer this technology for our customers. We are seeing adoption for two classes of applications.

  1. Those that require synchronization of devices. This is normally to synchronize data acquisition or create coordinated distributed logging.
  2. Those that require distributed control. This normally requires synchronization of control loops on devices as well as deterministic communications between those control loops.

To support this, we have released products with new LabVIEW APIs that over Ethernet synchronize IO, controllers and optionally perform deterministic communications. In this community you can find more details about TSN, learn how to purchase TSN enabled products, download the software, and interact directly with the development teams to get support and to give feedback.


 TSN Toolkit Compatibility with LabVIEW 2019

Getting Started Content

How to get TSN-enabled Controllers and Chassis 

How to get TSN Switches 

Installing Software and Hardware Setup for NI TSN Devices 

Setting up a Cisco Centralized Network Controller (CNC)

Installing IOS SW TSN Support on a Cisco IE4000 Switch 

How to Use the Cisco Centralized Network Controller (CNC) Tools 


 Analog Input Acquisition with TSN cDAQs Example 

Analog Input and Output Acquisition with TSN cDAQs Example 

cRIO and cDAQ Synchronous Data Acquisition Example 

cRIO Synchronized Logging using TSN Example 

Deterministic Communication - TSN API Example 

FPGA Synchronization I/O Nodes Example

TSN Community Tools

TSN Community Tools Base Package 

TSN Monitor Tools 

FPGA Absolute Time Trigger Tools

TSN-Enabled Port Switching Utility


 How to Achieve High-Accuracy Measurements With NI-DAQmx-Based TSN Devices 

NI-DAQmx-Based TSN Synchronization Accuracy Explained 

Designing Distributed TSN Ethernet-Based Measurement Systems 

General Content

Frequently Asked Questions about TSN 

Time Synchronization FPGA I/Os 

The Anatomy of a TSN Frame 

NI Week 2017: An Introduction to Time Sensitive Networking TSN 

TSN Palette Changes in 17.0 Release 


Using a Computer with Wireshark to Troubleshoot a TSN Device

Known Issues TSN 17.0 Release