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JavaScript Errors in CNC UI

I logged into my CNC instance (after having not checked it in a while since everything has been working smoothly), and my flows/links were gone, and I cannot make new links or flows without getting a javascript error. Has anyone seen this error before? Rebooting the CNC VM doesn't seem to help. I had made no changes between when it was working and when I logged in to find it not working.



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Re: JavaScript Errors in CNC UI

Hi msmit250


No I have not seen or experienced this error. We might have to ping Cisco and see if they have insight on this.


Can you capture and upload CNC logs, as per instructions below:

1) open a command line on Ubuntu on CNC

2) cd ~/de/cnc/logs

3) tail -f ncs-java-vm.log

 note: you'll need to capture log output

4) in the CNC start your normal routine until you see the error.

5) keep capturing the log while you attempt to clear all topology or add flows. 


Are you using the pre-build CNC Virtual Machine or do you have the CNC installed on your own Ubuntu machine?

Is the java process running?

Also maybe not related, but which java version is your Ubuntu running? command: 'java -version' 


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Re: JavaScript Errors in CNC UI

Also since the error mentions, 'syntax error' I would double-check that everything is correct (URIs, IPs etc).


Is the an IP of your CNC or the IE4000 switch?

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Re: JavaScript Errors in CNC UI

Solved: It seemed to be a problem with trying to use Internet Explorer for both CNC management and cRIO file transfers at the same time, even in separate instances. Closing my file transfer via IE to the cRIO and restarting the CNC resolved the problem.

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