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Installing IOS SW TSN Support on a Cisco IE4000 Switch

The Cisco IE4000 switches require an additional installation to be TSN capable. The switch IOS software and its documentation is maintained by Cisco. The purpose of this document is to bridge the LabVIEW Time Sensitive Networking community with the Cisco support pages.


Installing TSN IOS software to a IE4000 switch:

  1. Visit the Cisco download center
  2. On the right-hand side select a specific product number that matches your switch (For example, IE-4000-IE-8GT4G-E)
  3. In the next window, select the “IOS Software” software type
  4. In the next window, on the left-hand side click on the “Latest” and select the software with a version number 15.2.6 or higher, make sure the release day is August 2017 or later.
  5. Download the .tar file to your local computer. ( You will be asked to login to your Cisco account )
  6. Once completed, follow installation instructions from here. (Step 1 is a good information point, but you are ready to begin with the step 2).
  7. (Optional) Cross check that 802.1AS (PTP) and CNC-Server is configured. Click here


Source: Cisco IE4000 Configuration Guides

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Dear NI Team


Just for making things clear, the IE-4000 Cisco Switch won't support the TSN communication out of the box. And we need to Install a different version of the OS (the one mentioned in this article)  to make it TSN capable. Right?

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Cisco offers multiple versions of firmware (IOS) for their switches, some that support TSN and some that were released before TSN support was available.  The switch needs to have a firmware version loaded that supports TSN.  Because we don't know what version will be loaded on any specific switch (what was originally loaded at the factory, has it been updated since, etc), the first step is to update the firmware to a version that supports TSN. 

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I went through the software upgrade from 15.2(2) to 15.2(7), and have some feedback and questions.  The software upgrade process is also possible through the web interface.  If you've gone through the initial hardware configuration, and configured an IP address to Vlan1, browse to that IP, enter the password you created, then select Admin>Software Upgrade.  Then browse to the .tar file you downloaded from Cisco.


Using the terminal I wasn't able to upgrade the license and apply tsn using this command:  

license right-to-use activate tsn  

The only licenses available using the web interface or the CLI are ipservices, ipservices (Evaluation), and lanbase. I don't know that I need to activate anything else because I was able to set Configure>PTP>Profile to "802.1AS" from the web interface.  I then selected Admin>FeatureMode and changed MRP(Media Redundancy Protocol) to TSN. 

My question is: is any other setup or licenses required for the IE4000-8GT-4G-E to activate basic time synchronization using TSN 802.1AS?  Note, I do not have Cisco CNC setup, and don't think I need it if I am just doing distributed data acquisition, and therefor don't need scheduling for deterministic control.

Greg Hahn
Test Systems Project Engineer - CLD
Digalog Systems Inc. -
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if you are only planning to use PTP profile 802.1AS, you do NOT need the TSN license.   PTP operates separately from TSN. 

I like to say "TSN needs PTP, but PTP does not need TSN". 

no need to install or invoke a TSN license if you're only using PTP.


recommending 15.2.7E0s!pp


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I am having trouble setting up my IE4000 Switch. I am working with the CLI and have followed the procedures to upgrade to the 15.2.7E0s package.

However, I am having trouble enabling PTP Profile 802.1AS and TSN profile on the machine. I am able to follow all the instruction and the switch responses with the appropriate messages. However, as soon as I "write" in the configuration and restart the machine. The enabled features reverts back to disabled. I am wondering why that is and looking for some assistance.



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Yes, but with those instructions I was never be able to get pass step 2, as the second reload command is inputted the TSN functionality would disable once again.


I have also tried to configure ptp dot1as profile separately with the exact same result.

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I cannot determine the issue from that response.


since you are using the CLI, can you capture the output of that session and share? 


i want to see the error message.


please include the output of "show version", "show boot", "dir flash:", and "dir sdflash:"



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Hello Albert,


Thank you so much for your response. when i executed the show boot command I noticed a couple of things.


My boot configuration file is defaulted to the default version of the software image despite the full upgrade of the SW image. When I typed in the command as instructed with the new software image:

boot system flash:<image name>/<image name>.bin exit

The response I get is a warning that showed:

"The BOOT/config file path points to the
On-board flash. The environment variable(s) is
saved onto the On-board flash."


This lead me down to realizing that all the configurations I've been writing has been saving to the SD card but the boot file points to internal flash memory for boot. So I managed to finally get it working by writing the boot system command in with the SD card removed which forced the switch to update the boot bin file in its internal memory to the new version of the software.


After that I was able to change to the TSN profile and follow the rest of the instructions.


So my remaining questions are:

1. Is it the right approach for me to just continue to operate this switch without any sdcard inserted? 

2. Is there a way for me to edit the config to point the boot location to sdcard instead of internal memory?


I'm not sure if this is correct way to explain it or if its clear. But I do appreciate the help.

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