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Installing IOS SW TSN Support on a Cisco IE4000 Switch

The Cisco IE4000 switches require an additional installation to be TSN capable. The switch IOS software and its documentation is maintained by Cisco. The purpose of this document is to bridge the LabVIEW Time Sensitive Networking community with the Cisco support pages.


Installing TSN IOS software to a IE4000 switch:

  1. Visit the Cisco download center
  2. On the right-hand side select a specific product number that matches your switch (For example, IE-4000-IE-8GT4G-E)
  3. In the next window, select the “IOS Software” software type
  4. In the next window, on the left-hand side click on the “Latest” and select the software with a version number 15.2.6 or higher, make sure the release day is August 2017 or later.
  5. Download the .tar file to your local computer. ( You will be asked to login to your Cisco account )
  6. Once completed, follow installation instructions from here. (Step 1 is a good information point, but you are ready to begin with the step 2).
  7. (Optional) Cross check that 802.1AS (PTP) and CNC-Server is configured. Click here


Source: Cisco IE4000 Configuration Guides

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Re: Installing IOS SW TSN Support on a Cisco IE4000 Switch

Dear NI Team


Just for making things clear, the IE-4000 Cisco Switch won't support the TSN communication out of the box. And we need to Install a different version of the OS (the one mentioned in this article)  to make it TSN capable. Right?

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Re: Installing IOS SW TSN Support on a Cisco IE4000 Switch

Cisco offers multiple versions of firmware (IOS) for their switches, some that support TSN and some that were released before TSN support was available.  The switch needs to have a firmware version loaded that supports TSN.  Because we don't know what version will be loaded on any specific switch (what was originally loaded at the factory, has it been updated since, etc), the first step is to update the firmware to a version that supports TSN. 

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