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creating a classifier training section using imaq

hello all

my project is do a image classification but for classification i need train my system of my own trainer which is designed using imaq. but i ma not able to undrstand how to define a class and add samples to it. can anyone help me by your guidance

i am attaching my vi for your refence. and also screenshots of my block an front panel.

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Re: creating a classifier training section using imaq

Hi Ramisetti,

Provide me your code in 2012 version, just save as in lower version

Class is a generic category like your color red, green and so on.

Relevent to the classes you need to add samples to make your understand what green, red and other colors are..

Check the following link, it may help you to understand


Ganesh RC

+91 81222 39331

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Re: creating a classifier training section using imaq


i am succesfully able to classify two classes

i trained them using my training VI.

and testing them using Testing VI.

but now i wanted more classes like total 6 classes. where 5 are 5 different colors and 1 is unknown class.

below i am attaching trainging VI where it trains two classes. and Testing VI where it tests the classification based on color.

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