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Micrologix 1100 and LabView

Hi Guys, I'm with a trouble here.

Recently we started to get our outdated temperature test cabinet to work, and the best way is to upgrade our PLC. But there cames 2 problems, the biggest is the budget, we do not have any money so we have to work with what we already have, and the second, i'm intern here and there is no one from automation to guide or help me.

Now lets face the problem.

PLC Allen Bradley micrologix 1100

cards: 1762-IQ16 and 1762-IQ8W6

My first thought is to use Labview to control the PLC, as HMI and data-logger without OPC server to simplify the instalation and cost.

The communication: this is really where the problems begin. It will be done through Ethernet. I could not manage Ethernet/IP driver to work, nor pcc or CIP message...

which is the best way to communicate?

CIP Message, OPC, or any other i do not know? Do you guys see any problems to make a dataloger without OPC?

Some things I have tryed

Implementation of Common industrial Protocol (CIP) via EtherNet [EtherNet/IP (CIP)]

Ethernet/IP Driver for Micrologix 1100

EtherNet/IP Driver for Industrial Communication

Thanks for any help


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Re: Micrologix 1100 and LabView


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Re: Micrologix 1100 and LabView


i think data logging is the task of measuring and recording physical or electrical parameter over a period time

a data logger connects to a PC through the PC's peripheral bus,you can use USB,Ethernet, and wirelles

I think OPC Labview is a best choice to implementation your project because OPC allow client and server applications to communicate with each other. OPC is designed to be an abstraction layer between industrial network.The OPC standar specifies the behavior that the interface are expected to provide to their clients.

Thank You

correct me, if I wrong


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Re: Micrologix 1100 and LabView

Talenta Amelia, thanks for your reply.

OPC may be easier to use, to comunicate, the most switable option for our aplications, but for instaling in our PCS it will be a realy big problem.

That is why i seek for an direct comunication option.

I realy apreciate your reply and if there is no other option  we will have to use OPC (and will be easier for me to program).

Have you ever done this kind of comunication before?

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