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Idle control ni9401/9223

Hello everyone, I am an engineering student trying to build a small experiment for our automative lab to show basically how to control the speed of an electric motor. I am trying to control the idle speed of an electric motor. I am using ni9401/9223. I am using 9401 to control the duty cycle and frequency of the PWM signal and labview doesnt let me to use it to acquire the output signals of the encoder. So i am trying to count the Z signals of the encoder using 9223 but i cant manage to tune the samples to read and frequency options of 9223 while using the daq assistant. Also i dont know how to count the incoming signals and if is it possible to count them then convert them to RPM so i can control the speed. Is my computer fast enough to do this at the same them while controlling the PWM signals in the same loop? I am a bit confused about this part, but i managed to control the duty cycle of the motor so i can change the speed now. I want to increase the duty cycle in order to keep the same RPM when there is a load. But i cant manage to read the RPM so far. Can you please help me? Thank you in advance.


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You can find my bad program below to control the duty cycle ๐Ÿ™‚

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