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List of Community Shortcut Menu Plug-ins


The following is a list of community-contributed Shortcut Menu Plug-ins for LabVIEW.

No. Shortcut Menu Plug-in Author

Included in LabVIEW?

(if so, since which version)

Is one of Darren's Favourites? Is one of AQ's Favourites?
1 Adapt SubVI Inputs.llb Hooovahh No No No
2 Add Bookmark.llb Matt J No No No
3 Add SubVI Description.llb jyoung8711 No No No
4 Add Value Change Event.llb McQuillan No No No
5 Alphabetize Cluster Elements.llb Christopher R Field No No No
6 Alphabetize Event Structure.llb nanocyte No No No
7 Assign to Connector Pane.llb Felipe Pinheiro No No No
8 benchmark this code.llb and remove benchmark structure.llb smithd No No No
9 Bundle Swap.llb Wiebe@CARYA No No No
10 BundleMagic.llb littlesphaeroid No No No
11 Change Mechanical Action from Diagram.llb Darren LabVIEW 2018 Yes No
12 Change Numeric Conversion Type.llb Darren No No No
13 Change To Bundle Or Unbundle.llb CharlotteN No No No
14 Change To Different LabVIEW Class.llb AristosQueue No No Yes
15 Clear Variant Data.llb Bob_Preis No No Yes
16 CloseReference.llb JW-JnJ No No No
17 Control default values.llb Yair Neeman No No No
18 Convert Color Box.llb Darren LabVIEW 2016 No Yes
19 Copy and Paste Font of text elements Floris Reinders No No No
20 Copy Delimited Data.llb Darren No Yes No
21 CopyAndPasteString.llb smithd No No No
22 Create Cluster Constant as Icon.llb jtagg No No No
23 Create Elements from your own palette.llb Lorenz Casper No No No
24 Create Event.llb Darren LabVIEW 2018 Yes Yes
25 Create Icon from VI Name.llb Haobo Li No No No
26 Create In All Frames.llb AristosQueue No Yes No
27 Create IPES Border Node.llb Darren No No No
28 Create Scalar Constant.llb (from an array terminal) Bob_Preis No No No
29 Create SubVI from Selected Wires.llb Darren LabVIEW 2018 Yes Yes
30 Cut Copy Delete Items.llb AristosQueue No No No
31 Debugger Notepad.llb jtagg No No No
32 Document to Clipboard.llb JW-JnJ No No No
33 EasyConvert.llb JW-JnJ No No No
34 Edit A Set Value.llb / Edit A Map Value.llb AristosQueue No No No
35 Edit Label In Markup.llb AristosQueue No No No
36 Edit Symbols.llb (for Listbox and Tree controls) Hooovahh and Thoric No No No
37 Error Ring Search.llb Hooovahh No No No
38 Expand Cluster Constant.llb AristosQueue No Yes Yes
39 Explain Error on Nested Error Cluster.llb Darren and AristosQueue No No Yes
40 Find Case.llb jrayeske LabVIEW 2020 No No


Find Events.llb Wiebe@CARYA and Darren No Yes No
42 Find Next Frame Plug-Ins.llb DAD No No No
43 Find Wire Source.llb Darren No Yes Yes
44 For Loop - Generate.llb AristosQueue No No Yes
45 Free Label To Constant.llb AristosQueue No No Yes
46 Grow to n.llb jtagg No Yes No
47 Hide or Show FP Controls.llb Felipe Pinheiro No No No
48 Highlight Linked Tunnel.llb Darren No No No
49 Insert Build Array.llb (for broken wires) Trevor_C No No Yes
50 Insert Bundle By Name.llb Zyga No No No
51 Insert IPE in Any Wire AZ.llb Andrei Zagorodni No No No
52 InsertClassMethod.llb TurboPhil No No No
53 label multible wires.llb Lorenz Casper No No No
54 LabVIEW Class And Cluster Unbundle Bundle With IPE.llb AristosQueue No No Yes
55 LabVIEW Class And Cluster Wire Insert IPE.llb AristosQueue No No Yes
56 LVClass Field Find All Uses.llb AristosQueue No No No
57 Move unbundle item.llb tst No No No
58 Multi-select Change Local Direction.llb Darren No Yes No
59 NI.Wire.Drill.llb AristosQueue No No Yes
60 Open Message Handler.llb crandiba No No No
61 Open Typedef from Wire.llb Hey.itsDale No No No
62 Paste Delimited Text.llb Brian Bean No No No
63 Popout Breakpoint Menus.llb AristosQueue No Yes Yes
64 Popout Create Menus.llb Bob_Preis LabVIEW 2019 Yes No
65 Probe Compound Arithmetic Inputs.llb Darren LabVIEW 2018 Yes No
66 Property Node to Invoke Node.llb Chris Virgona No No No
67 quick debug settings.llb smithd No No No
68 Rearrange Cases.llb Darren No No No
69 Remove (no error).llb Darren No No No
70 Remove Coercion Dots.llb Karsten van Zwol No No No
71 Remove Stacked Sequence Menu Item.llb Darren No No No
72 Remove unused terminals.llb Darren No No No
73 Remove Wire Branch Menu Items.llb Robert Mortensen No No No
74 Replace Value Property with Local Variable.llb Nate Moehring No No No
75 Select Item or Case.llb Darren LabVIEW 2020 No No
76 Select Parent.llb Wiebe@CARYA No No No
77 Select property.llb tst No No No
78 Set Current Event to Value Change.llb Darren No Yes No
79 Setup Splitters and Panes.llb Mike_King No No No
80 Show All Hidden Cluster Elements.llb AristosQueue No Yes Yes
81 Show Error Source.llb crandiba No No No
82 Show In Project.llb Wiebe@CARYA No No No
83 Show or Hide Controls from Terminals.llb VI Shots No No No
84 Sort Cases by Name.llb jrayeske No No No
85 STS Bundle RC.llb Wild_man No No No
86 Stub.llb JW-JnJ No No No
87 Text Properties.llb Thoric No No Yes
88 To Cluster.llb Tanner B No No No
89 via_ignore Bookmark.llb Darren No No No
90 Wire Multiple Items to Bundler.llb Trevor_C No No Yes
91 Wire through frames.llb smithd No No No
92 Wrap in Error Structure.llb smithd No No No

For Darren and AQ: Feel free to make modifications or improvements.

For everyone: Please let me know if you spot a mistake, or if you would like a new entry to be added to the table.