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search line by line into text file

Status: Completed

Hi everyone , thanks for your time .


I have a text file with a table of data (text file example attached) , this file will be increasing with time , perhaps 500 lines per year , i want to read this file from labview and to be able to search a name (first field of the text file) and the data in the same line belongs to that name  , the idea is to read line by line and if the first field matches the name searched , then get all the data in that line as a string , the data types don't matter .

As well i have to be able to delete a complete line of the same text file if the name matches the one searched .

Any idea will be agreat , Thank you very much for your help and time !



sorry i forgot to add the text file example , here it is .



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Active Participant

Hi MaxiBarac,


This forum is for posting new LabVIEW Real-Time feature ideas. Please repost this request and text file example in the generic LabVIEW Discussion Forum board, where you will get a lot more eyes on your request and our application engineering support team will be notified to help out.


Thank you!

Deborah Burke
Senior LabVIEW Product Manager
Certified LabVIEW Architect
National Instruments
Active Participant
Status changed to: Completed
Deborah Burke
Senior LabVIEW Product Manager
Certified LabVIEW Architect
National Instruments