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enhance access security

Status: New

It would be good to enhance access security to also include program-control of cRIO's. As it is now you can set user access for a cRIO in a project by opening the Real-Time CompactRIO properties and set Allow/Deny access by IP. However, this only limits access to deploying settings and eventual RT applications on the cRIO. You can still control the cRIO (e.g. set outputs and, as in my case, control servo motor drives connected to the cRIO) from a LabVIEW application on any PC on the LAN.

This added access control could eventually be set up in MAX.

I completely agree and posted such in the labview forums. Unfortunately they pointed me to the DSC Module. You have to spend more money to get these basic security features 😞
NI Employee

Hi VendelBo and Jed394,


Thanks for submitting your idea to this forum. Security in embedded systems is something we continuously invest in. Just in the last couple of years we released a new breed of embedded devices based on the NI Linux real-Time operating system featuring superior performance and enhanced security options ( Your proposed feature regarding access control is something we require in our systems and it is totally worth looking into. We will make sure to pass this on to our NI R&D team for consideration.


Thanks for submitting your ideas!


Carlos Pazos

Product Marketing Manager

Embedded Software

Carlos Pazos

Senior Product Marketing Manager

National Instruments