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crio get image

Status: New



I have to generate and store the jpg file in crio. The code works on my local PC. When I deploying the same in crio, it didn't work. It returns zero. Also I tried the paths like c:\test.jpg or /c/test.jpg; both didn't work. We are using Labview 2011 full professional development system.


cRIO 9025

Chasis 9113

NI 9229 


Thanks for the help.






Ocean Acoustics,
National Institute of Ocean Technology,
Chennai, India - 600100.
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Knight of NI

You posted in the the LabVIEW Real-Time idea exchange which is for posting new ideas on how to improve LabVIEW.


You have an ordinary question where you are looking for help.  You need to post it in the LabVIEW forum.