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Update the CMake version in OPKG

Status: New

right now version 3.10 of CMake is available in the OPKG, but some libraries need CMake 3.12 or higher to build. The current version of CMake is 3.21


The way to update CMake is to follow this short tutorial


1. Make sure you have you device prepped with the following commands:

opkg install packagegroup-core-buildessential
opkg install cmake
opkg install openssl-dev


2. After this we're going to download the latest version of cmake from their download page:

Select the Unix/Linux source and copy the url


3. Create a build folder on your home directory and move into that folder to download the cmake source and unpack it there

mkdir build
cd build
tar -xf cmake-3.21.1.tar.gz


4. Go into the source folder and run the bootstrap file

cd cmake-3.21.1


5. After completion you can run make



6. After compiling you can install it

make install


7. Check the correct version by executing

cmake -version
1 Comment

Full support for the idea, this is an important point. CMake is an important build system in present-day C++ workflows.


Version 3.10 is ancient - for example it does not support the `FetchContent` commands, which are important in "modern CMake" practice.


Based on the instructions above I was able to build CMake 3.17.5 from source on a NI RT Linux box without any issues. What are the arguments for not upgrading it?