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Update and extend NI System Monitor

Status: New

One common request for production systems is some kind of monitoring/surveillance.

The current NI System Monitor 1.1.1 lacks official support for the recent LabVIEW versions and the most recent RT controllers.

For an updated version I would love to see some kind of S.M.A.R.T. support (including wearout indicators for SSDs).

If the access of the S.M.A.R.T. is technically not possible during normal realtime operation, then it would be nice to get that feature when running in save mode.

Muy buenas tardes

Espero que estes bien.
Mi pregunta es la siguiente:
Es posible obtener la curva de temperatura de un sistema térmico en tiempo
solo con la tarjeta NI6121?
En caso de ser posible, como puedo implementar los bloques dentro del

Muchas gracias por la atención.
Alejo Soto
Active Participant

Just curious, what kind of hardware are you using with LVRT?

Active Participant

I would suggest trying NI System Configuration API as a replacement for the NI System Monitor API.


It currently doesn't include the SMART data for hard drives, however it is supports the new PXIe chassis and is updated for every LabVIEW release.