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Support industry standard time server (NTP e.g.)

Status: New

The real-time controllers have a "Time server" IP input in their setup. That is great, but it is not great that the time server has to be a piece of NI software (Logos). If it was possible to specify an NTP server for example (and/or other standard protocols), this feature would be much more useful.


Most of the time we need the PACs to be synced with a third party system.

Active Participant

Are these sufficient for your needs? Or is these some finer level of accuracy/control you are looking for?


Active Participant

Sure, the latter one is how we do it now, and is what I would like to avoid having to do.


The request is to make NTP the primary and obvious choice. That means having it in the web GUI, the setup page in NI MAX etc.


I did not know about the support described in your first link, and that is good news...but it should be supported on all targets, and be the obvious choice. Not a hidden feature .

Active Participant

Definitely makes sense to make it more visible, just wanted to point those out 🙂

Active Participant

I've just installed the TimeSync-SNTP and it seems to work pretty well even with LVRT 2014.  Why hasn't this been incorporated into the production TimeSync software?  Having to back up to an older version and suffer the loss of updates is highly irritating and potentially risky.