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Chris V

Support for Building VxWorks Shared Libraries (*.out files)

Status: New

The best thing about Pharlap is that it will run dll's like Windows.


Making shared libraries for VxWorks (*.out files) is quite an arduous process if you don't have Wind River software.  The GNU toolchain, that used to be the free alternative, does not work on Windows Vista or 7, leaving those of use who have chosen to upgrade out of luck.


It would be great is LabVIEW could provide a way to compile *.out files from the Application Builder and thereby provide more complete support for development on the CompactRIO platform.

Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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Active Participant

You noted that this is painful if you don't have Wind River software.  Is there any problem (other than "it costs money") with using the Wind River tools?  We partner with Wind River specifically for this reason and would definitely encourage anyone who wants to develop shared libraries for VxWorks to use those tools.


That said, if you prefer the raw toolchain without the tools due to the cost, that toolchain should work on Windows 7 (I use it that way).  Have you reported your issues with it to NI support?  If not, can you clarify what is going wrong?  Have you seen the comment posted with the toolchain at about using it under cygwin to resolve a Windows 7 shell incompatibility?