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Support events for graphic objects in RT target VIs

Status: New

If you use a VI to control a RT target via Web browser then only polling is possible to register user actions. Since: "RT targets support the Event Structure only with dynamic events." (LabVIEW Help 2010) You can program such graphic object events but they doesn't work.


The support of graphical object events would improve the capabilities for applications with cRIO and sbRIO without a LabVIEW-Host.

Active Participant

Can you elaborate on this idea a little more?  Are you using the web browser to communicate with a web service running on the RT target?  If so, it sounds like you are looking for the ability to register an event for when data gets posted so you can determine which controls have been updated, or have I completely misunderstood the idea?

Active Participant

Maybe you should think about using the new Web UI Builder.  You could also augment with the use of NSV's to signal your RT app.


I mean not the web service communication. What I mean is the remote control of a RT target with a web client like Internet Explorer from the remote device and the webserver built into the RT target.


The same situation is also by the Remote Control function from a LabVIEW host. But this is not a big problem: If you have LabVIEW installed to use this remote control so you can process the GUI-VI directly at the host and transfer the data via Shared Variables or similar.


But in our applications we would like save time for installation and maintenance at all the visualization PC's by using the web browser at this PC's and only the LabVIEW run-time installation.


Maybe NI has been omitted this feature because the typical constellation is a host to Realtime Target relation. Or, maybe, this feature is missing because NI uses events which are provided from the operating systems like Windows.


Until now it seems not clear for me if the Web UI Builder brings additional features to such a remote controlled RT target. And you have to maintain an additionally Server to supply the remote PC's with the code for the GUI. And you will have one component more what can brake while the life time.