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Softmotion function "write position setpoint" with Ni 9514

Status: New

Softmotion 2018 disabled the function "write position setpoint" for a NI 9514 module axis.

This was a useful function and will always be useful. ex.: Application like a tracking system need those functions.


Please put it back. Stuck with LabVIEW 2016 and windows 7 now.




I knew in advance that asking that request here would lead to nothing.


Before buying my NI 9514, I called NI support to discuss about the architecture and we ended up using those module.


My project is still not active in the plant and after installing version 2018, I realized that this essential function for my application is not supported now with the 9514.


I think I have the rights to defend. I wouldn't chose that architecture if I knew before. I can't even talk to the Softmotion team.... 



Thank you.


Yeah totally agree. And FPGA mode should be supported again.


And one more thing. You can use very large Vff value and Straight Line Move under velocity mode to give an analog signal to the drive. Though some mechanism is not very clear to me(for example the loop rate has an influence on the gain and I don't know how exactly it behave).