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SDXC card support for cRIO 9031 Linux Real Time

Status: New

The cRIO9031 with Linux Real Time did not support SDXC cards. Only SDGC with a maximum of 32GB supported by cRIO.

For logging application their is a need for more than 32GB => use of SDXC cards with 128/256 GB


Active Participant

Hi Schott,


Unfortunately, Linux does not have native (in kernel source) support for the exFAT filesystem (required for a device to be labled SDXC). As soon as such a filesystem is supported in Linux, we can enable direct support for exFAT.


In the meantime, there is nothing preventing you from formatting the card in a filesystem type that is supported on the target. FAT32 is unfortunately the most portable, accessible format, of course if you don't need to access the contents of the card from a Windows machine, you can use some of the tools on the RT controller to format the card in a more robust, journalling filesystem such as EXT4.


Hi Brad,


thanks for your comment.

I switched to EXT4 file system and start using some windows tools for formating and read the sd card.


But i think there will be more cRIO users running into this problems. Using a Windows PC for developing LabVIEW Code and using Linux cRIO with Linux File Sytem.

And there is no note in the system spec about the file system format of the sd cards.