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Reconfiguration from console (mode)

The console mode of RT controllers has very limited functionality. It would be great if all or most of the settings of the controller were editable from the console.


File browsing and transfer, plus software loading, would be nice too. We have had cases where the controller is operational and holds valuable data, but because the network interface has gotten damaged we have had no way to extract that data...

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Is this idea referring specifically to Phar Lap (PXI and some cRIO) targets?  The console on VxWorks targets (most cRIO's) has more functionality, including some of what you propose.  For example you can do something like:


-> copy > foo.txt

Hello world!


-> copy "foo.txt"


to create a new file foo.txt from console input, write Hello world! to it, and then dump its contents back to the console.


You can also copy files to a USB stick if your network is down, and a decent variety of other operations.

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I'm mostly working with VxWorks based units so that sounds good, but where are these options documented?


At this very moment I have a case where it would have been great to be able to have access to a PING command from the console. (I could add ping functionality in the RT-application, but the feature is for a client that is troubleshooting the network connection to the PAC in the field, changing application on this device would require a lot of paperwork and retesting of it.)

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On VxWorks targets, just do:


-> ping ""


or whatever IP is needed.


As far as documentation, we would refer you Wind River (creators of VxWorks) for the VxWorks console documentation.  We don't control that code, we just provide it as-is.  There is limited online help (just type "help" at the console), but if you plan to do extensive work leveraging the console or other Wind River-provided tools like the target-side debugger, we've partnered with Wind River for those features and encourage you to get in touch with them directly.  You may also be able to find some documentation scattered around the internet, for example

Active Participant

Ok, that's great. As far as VxWorks goes then this idea is already covered.


It would be nice to have some information about this in the PAC manual (I do not think there is any, or?). Just a notice that the console actually gives you access to VxWorks features, and a reference as to where more info about these can be found.

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