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RT target IP and software setting should be available from the target properties from the project window

Status: In Development

I am often working with a compact RIO and I need to change the IP configuration or the software settings. Currently I have to open up MAX refresh my target list (which can sometime take a minute or two since we have so many targets). Then open up the RT target settings.



I think the IP address and software settings should be accessible from the project window by right-clicking on the target and selecting properties.

The MAX settings page could be reproduced in the general settings section that all ready has a limited ability to edit the IP.

You could also add a  software category, so you could update the version of RIO or install scan engine.RT Target Properties Window.PNG

Message Edited by Hueter on 10-29-2009 11:58 AM
Message Edited by Hueter on 10-29-2009 11:58 AM
NI Employee



I agree that something as simple as changing the network setting on your cRIO controller should not require the two minutes of your time that you describe.


However, our aim has been to keep the LabVIEW Project agnostic as to which controller you are targeting. This allows a developer to use a single project to target any instance of their hardware configuration in the project.


For example, if I have a cRIO 9074 controller with a 9211 TC input module in my project and I have 10 of those identical systems deployed in various locations, I can use the same LabVIEW Project to deploy code to my controllers as I visit each site. I simply change the IP address setting in the project to target the new controller.


The simplest way to say it is that my LabVIEW Project is not statically bound to a specific cRIO controller. I can target any controller. Once you starting mixing the IP you are "targeting" and the IP that you are "setting", it can get confusing for the user.


All that being said, what if there was a way to directly launch a configuration pane for the the controller you currently have targeted? For example, what if I could right-click on the controller and select "Configure this controller..." and MAX quickly popped up with the correct controller selected?



Message Edited by jkurtw on 11-06-2009 09:28 AM
Active Participant



I agree with you, my original suggestion might confuse the project line a little since you want to be able "stay agnostic". A mini configuration utility would be a great option so you could configure the device you are currently connected to.


Great Idea!

Active Participant
I would like to see this improved as well. In a use case I experienced a couple days ago, I had to reboot the target several time, and to do so I had to open MAX (and wait as the first poster pointed out). It would be nice if rebooting a RT target was accessible in the project property or even better in the project right click for the target. |

NI Employee

 "It would be nice if rebooting a RT target was accessible in the project property or even better in the project right click for the target."


About rebooting fromt the project.  You can do that currently.  Right-click the target, go to Utilities, and there is a Reboot option.

Brian K.
Active Participant

Thanks for the tip.


I looked for it, but I guess I did not look hard enough... |

Active Participant

If you know the IP and/or MAC there are also RT vi's from NI already that let you configure and change for example the IP address, reboot, get image, deploy image etc. I have a couple of smaller app's built around these VI's that allow me to detect and configure RT targets without touching MAX.  In my case I have had a few cases where the target refuses to show up in MAX, but it pops up in "my" front-end app, I can set the IP configuration and reboot it, and THEN it shows up in MAX. I find this to be faster and simpler for basic things than opening MAX.. Take a look in the RT tool palette. (I use LV 2011 now, but these VI's have been around at least since last verison, and probably longer than that.)

edit: you can also "auto-detect" if you don't know ip or MAC, this can take up to a minute or two, but it is an option.  


CLD LabVIEW 7.1 to 2016
Active Participant

Under the Measurement palette there is also NI System Configuration API, which has also been shipping for a couple of years. This is actually the preferred API, and it will become more prominent and visible in the next release.  The RT Utility VIs you referred to will still exist (no worries about compatibility when upgrading) but will likely no longer be on the palette.

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Status changed to: In Development
Deborah Burke
Senior LabVIEW Product Manager
Certified LabVIEW Architect
National Instruments