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Provide Software Architecture for using the StateChart Module on a cRIO with a Host UI.

Status: New

Having used our LabVIEW 2011 StateChart module with great success on a CompactDAQ system, I now have a new project using a CompactRIO 9075 which will
be controlling a hydraulic test unit.  I would like to again use our StateChart Module so the functionality of the machine is understandable to all stakeholders.


The best NI example project I could find is the Chemical Mixing Example w/StateChart.  It is exactly what I need except that it is a "headless" architecture.  I need a 1:1 networked communication to my host PC for recipe entering and data logging much like the Bioreactor Example in the CompactRIO Developers Guide.  See attached architecture jpg. I need to know how, specifically, to add a Host UI and incorporate network streams for the Host Command sender -> RT Command Parser.


In other words, what software architecture would combine the Chemical Mixing Example (w/StateChart) with the Bioreactor Example?