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Native XML support on Real-Time targets

Status: New

Wouldn't it be nice to have a native LabVIEW XML parser available on real-time targets? Storing your config data in XML rather than in Config-ini files is more flexible, techniques like XMLRPC would be easier to implement etc.
Yes I  know about the third party EasyXML library, but I don't want to spend extra money as we are already paying for LabVIEW 😉

NI Employee (retired)

Will this work for you?

Reference Library for Converting Between LabVIEW and XML Data (GXML) 

Thanks for the link, but this implementation eleminates a big benefit of XML: The flexibility. Using the GXML library I will be bound to the type of cluster the data was saved when trying to read it. Otherwise the Variant to Data will fail if I added or edited some cluster elements in the time between saving and loading the data. Thats why I think a real XML parser would be great on RT.

I agree that it would be pretty useful. I've done a decent amount of XML parsing on cRIO, but the CPU/Memory manager is pretty slow when parsing a ton of text. On PXI though, a native and flexible (real) XML parser seems like a no-brainer.

NI Employee (retired)

I agree completely.


In Japan, we created automatic update application under RTOS on cRIO.

Then, we couldn't use a native LabVIEW XML parser.

So, we selected LabVIEW schema.


In the near future, we need the native LabVIEW XML parser on Real-Time Target.

Because we want to connect between Web API and cRIO.

And, we can get the correct Japanese character because LabVIEW XML parser supports Encoding: "UTF-8".