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Multiple RT target in a project, with the same IP address ...

Status: New



It would be nice to had the ability to create more than one RT target in a project with the same IP address.

For the moment, if you try to use 2 same IP address, The LabVIEW IDE don't let you save your modifications ! Smiley Sad


You may say WTF !!!! The manu has so curious ideas !!!!


My need is for example to had 2 configurations for 1 only RT CRio.


  • 1 configuration in Scan Interface 
  • 1 configuration in FPGA interface

Or an other way to use multiples targets ...


  • 1 project linking to Version 1 sources
  • 1 project linking to Version 2 sources

Yopu may say this can be done by using different build specifications.


I will say yes ... But my need is to separate the two versions of LabVIEW sources !

=> 1 project/target linked to an autopopulating folder in version a

=> 1 project/target linked to an autopopulating folder in version b


=> So my need is to be abble to use RT Targets as "Target versions"

=> To be abble to do this ... i need to create multiple targets with identical IP addresses. Smiley Wink


Thanks for reading.


Knight of NI

That is sounding like 2 different projects to me.  Why do you need it in one project?

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Kudos!  2 projects is not the way to solve the problem.  NI should just remove the restriction and get rid of the idea that IP address must be different.


The project IDE was never designed well enough to support multiple targets with the same code base.  I've complained about issues with the project limitations for quite some time (see links below) and the problems with multiple targets goes well beyond just IP addresses.  Having different projects to support the same code shows the true limitations of the project environment.  As I try to support my older code with new NI targerts, the madness of trying to deal with silly project environments limitations is just getting out of hand.  Have you ever tried to change from your current FPGA target to a new one?  What if you want to have both the old target and your new target in the same project?


Remove restristions on FPGA target names


Two cRIOs with the same code in 1 project

Active Participant

I agree, this is an odd and seemingly unnecessary restriction.


You can play some tricks to work around it, for example enter one target's IP as a raw IP and the "other" target (really the same target) using its DNS name, or enter leading 0's in fields of the IP address like:


target 1 fpga mode (

target 1 scan mode (


Ugly, but it works.


Proven Zealot

The trick with the leading zeros sounds interesting even if it is an ugly hack..... 🙂

Active Participant

Definitely could do with this.


I recently was working on a project where we were porting some PXI code to cDAQ, for simplicity I would have the same IP address of the RT system but LabVIEW would not allow this in the project.


ScotSalmon that it an interesting trick!

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