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Have the ability to set the stop mode for a limit switch from within LabView for NiSoftmotion

Status: New

I've been attempting to perform a relatively simple homing routine on a motion axis where there are two limit switches (forward and reverse) and a home switch located somewhere in the middle. The homing routine starts by advancing forward and if it does not see a home switch, it will continue in the forward direction until the forward limit switch is activated. At this point, the routine will reverse the direction of motion and continue searching for a home switch until it would eventually see it (thus it is guaranteed that the home switch is found.) Once the home switch is activated, the routine performs a fine tuning procedure by slowly backing away from the home switch (in the forward direction again) until it is no longer active.


When using a c-series servo interface module, there is a Stop Mode property that one can set for each limit switch to either stop immediately, decelerate or disable the drive (See fig. Axis Properties and Limit Stop Mode ). When the stop mode is set to Disable drive, the homing routine fails upon triggering a limit. 


There are property nodes available to read the stop mode however the nodes are read only. (see fig. PropertyNode)

It would be nice to have the ability to programatically change the stop mode depending on the motion being performed. Our application requires that the drives be disabled upon activation of any limit switch under regular motion. However, during a homing routine since the disable drive stop mode impedes the routine, it would be benefitial to be able to change the stop mode to decelerate for the duration of the homing routine, and then change it back to disable drive once homing is complete.